Slowly saving the world with Paw Patrol

Having two nieces and a nephew means that I am very well versed in children’s television programs. Personally, my niece is more of a Bubble Guppies fan, but I’ve heard that Paw Patrol is all the rage, so I decided to check it out for this week’s instalment of TV Tuttle.

Children’s television isn’t so much about logic as it is about imagination.  Parents sometimes get upset over what’s depicted in children’s TV shows, but I think James Baldock says it best: “kids learn from what they see, but they’re not as stupid as many adults give them credit for.”

Here’s what happens in the first half of Pup Pup Boogie (S1:E2):

  • The pups play a video game called Pup Pup Boogie (which is like Dance, Dance Revolution, but way slower.)
  • A set of train tracks breaks and it’s up to the pups to fix it in time for the world’s slowest train to not derail and make for the saddest children’s show episode ever.
  • Each dog harnesses the power of a different public service employee (firefighter, police officer or construction worker) to save the day and fix the tracks!

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Here’s my niece Sophie, who helped me make a much more interesting prediction for Paw Patrol this week: 

  • A princess, a robot, bubbles and a ballerina with blue hair will appear.

What actually happened: Using the magic of randomly pushing buttons until something works, a dog that has never operated a bulldozer before somehow manages to successfully fix the train tracks.

What I thought would happen: the dogs would celebrate their train track victory around a campfire. Nope! They all fall asleep early under the stars, actually.

Another episode within the episode starts, which tells the story of an ill-equipped cruise ship that will crash into a coastal city if a bunch of dogs don’t break into a lighthouse on time.

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How I felt while watching Paw Patrol

But mostly, Paw Patrol left me with a lot of questions, like:

  • Why are these dogs getting their video game delivered by train?
  • Why does the city entrust dogs with all its major problems?
  • How did they run into a walrus while crossing the lake? Why do walruses eat dog treats?

Overall, I’d rate Paw Patrol 2/5 walrus treats.