TV Tuttle: The Pilot

Have you ever watched a TV show and been COMPLETELY shocked by how it turned out?  Maybe you’ve had the opposite experience: you watched a crappy movie and called out the plot details before they even happened (much to the amusement of everyone else you were watching that show with, I’m sure).

And don’t tell me you “don’t watch television,” (unless you’re one of those admirable people whose love of reading overpowers their love in television, in which case, respect).  Numeris reports that the average Canadian watches 19.5 hours of television per week. Netflix boasts 93.8 million subscribers that watch over 125 million hours of TV & movies every day.  People are watching TV.  And lots of it.

Skill Set Go!
I worked as a Writer & Director for the pilot web series Skill Set Go, coming soon through Edge Factor.
April Leung on set with Edge Factor
Actor April Leung on set for a pilot series being developed with Edge Factor

My love of stories and television is what led me to create this blog, TV Tuttle.  The premise is simple: I’m going to watch the first half of a TV episode I’ve never seen before.  Then, using principles of storytelling and acting, I’m going to predict how the rest of the episode will pan out.  Then I will finish watching the episode and be either delighted or disappointed at how my prediction went.

As for me, I have lived and breathed television all my life (not literally of course, there’s probably poisonous chemicals or something inside those screens, but you get the idea).

The long story short is that I have dedicated a significant amount of my life to understanding how to tell good stories.  This lifelong trajectory includes: working professionally in theatre, studying English literature, creative writing, popular culture and dramatic arts in university, and even having a few poems published.  I am so excited to bring that to this blog about another love of mine: television.

Please, comment your suggestions for shows you think I should watch and feature on this blog.  And don’t forget to tune in!